This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") describes the procedure for collecting, storing, using and distributing Users' information.


By using the Service, the User accepts this Policy and agrees to collect, store, use and disclose personal information in accordance with this Policy and applicable applicable law. All terms and conditions defined in the EnsoEx Software Terms of Use are applicable in this Policy and have a similar meaning. This Policy is an appendix to the EnsoEx Software Terms of Use and their integral part.


Each User can visit the public sections of the Service without disclosing their personal information; Thus, all Users who use the public sections of the Service may remain anonymous until they decide to register. When registering Users, the Service may request from the Users the data necessary for the provision of services and use of the Service, namely the e-mail address, mobile phone numbers and any other data necessary to verify the user. The Service does not collect, use or store information about the user's bank cards (VISA and MasterCard) with which the User can replenish the Account or withdraw the title from the Account. This data is processed by EnsoExPAY.


User information can be used by the Service for the following purposes:

  • the provision of services in accordance with the EnsoEx Software Terms of Use and the provision of high quality User Services;
  • facilitating the use of the Service and improving the services of the Service;
  • prevention of fraud and other illegal actions by Users.


Service does not sell, does not provide on a lease basis and does not share personal information of Users with third parties.


The Service takes all necessary measures to protect User information from loss, unauthorized access, use, modification, disclosure or destruction. At the same time, Service draws attention to the fact that none of the existing methods of data transmission can be absolutely safe. Therefore, in spite of all the security measures taken, the Service can not guarantee the full safety of the Users' information.


The Service is responsible for all actions or omissions regarding the information of Users under the applicable applicable law. The Service shall not be liable for any actions by Users, third parties, hackers, intruders and other infringers of applicable law that may violate the terms of this Policy and attempt to seize all or part of the Users' information, as well as use it for personal purposes, this information through the Service or in another way.


The Service may update, edit and amend this Policy without further notice. Such changes are published on the Service and come into effect immediately after publication, unless otherwise indicated in the changes themselves.